Here you can find a list of my publications. Most of them with an open accessible link.

Decentralized Collaborative Knowledge Management using Git

CubeViz.js: A Lightweight Framework for Discovering and Visualizing RDF Data Cubes

A Method for Distributed and Collaborative Curation of RDF Datasets Utilizing the Quit Stack

Decentralized Evolution and Consolidation of RDF Graphs

Exploring the Evolution and Provenance of Git Versioned RDF Data

OpenResearch: Collaborative Management of Scholarly Communication Metadata

OntoWiki 1.0: 10 Years of Development - What's New in OntoWiki

Towards Versioning of Arbitrary RDF Data

Distributed Collaboration on RDF Datasets Using Git: Towards the Quit Store

Quit Diff: Calculating the Delta Between RDF Datasets under Version Control

Creating Linked Data Morphological Language Resources with MMoOn. The Hebrew Morpheme Inventory.

Publish and Subscribe for RDF in Enterprise Value Networks

Structured Feedback: A Distributed Protocol for Feedback and Patches on the Web of Data

RDF Editing on the Web with REX

Knowledge Base Shipping to the Linked Open Data Cloud

DBpediaSameAs: An approach to tackle heterogeneity in DBpedia identifiers

AMSL: Creating a Linked Data Infrastructure for Managing Electronic Resources in Libraries

Xodx: A node for the Distributed Semantic Social Network

AMSL: Managing Electronic Resources for Libraries Based on Semantic Web

Entwicklung eines mobilen Social Semantic Web Clients