Backup done right … and what about config?

From time to time it is important to create a backup of your data. There are some tools that help one to copy files in some sophisticated ways onto a different medium. I chose restic for this job.

But this only works well for the data you are working on, we call it user data, but not for your configuration. Some backup articles suggest to just backup the complete users home directory which stores the user configuration, but this will not include the system configuration. On top of this for me a backup is not a raw copy of the current system I’m working on, but just the actually relevant data and configuration. This can also come along with an additional use case for a backup, that I want to use it to setup a clean new system where I only want to take over the data that I actually need.

So far I have not found any system, that covers the aspects mentioned, which leads me to the point that I’ve started to write down a concept for a configuration backup system. You are welcome to send any hints and suggestions.

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